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As you may, or may not know. Cactus Nazarene Health Center is situated in the middle of 3,000 people, most of who are refugees or immigrants from a number of foreign nations. Many do work, but much of what they make is sent to family still living in their home country, leaving them to live well below the poverty line. Many others have never been able to get quality, if any health care in the past so they are working at building up the trust and confidence to make an appointment for health care. Most of our city residents do not have insurance. These and many more holistic health reasons are why The Well Health Center exists. Having access to necessary medical machines and medicines is paramount to the health and even the survival of the beautiful people of Cactus.   


An EKG or "electrocardiogram" machine prints a picture of the electrical current of the heart.  In a clinic, The Well Health Center specifically, there are many reasons to have one available. One of the main reasons is because there is not another option for medical care available to many people of Cactus TX, because they don’t have a way to get to Dumas which is 15 minutes by car away. Some people don’t have cars. Others don’t drive and most Cactus Residents cannot afford the $200 -$300 required to have an EKG.  The Well Health Center’s mission and purpose is holistic family health care.  As the stories below, without details for confidentiality purposes, attest, that can’t happen without the machine . 


An 80 year old man with irregular heart beat.

A 15 year old girl having fainting episodes.

A 33 year old woman with palpitations (sensation of rapid heart beat).

A 46 year old man with an episode of chest pain after working on a fence--we found that he had a heart attack, was transferred to hospital where he had stents placed.


'The Well’ also use the EKG for patients with hypertension and diabetes (to have a baseline on their chart), and patients who are on high risk medicines that can cause heart arrhythmias.


Initially an EKG was purchased from ebay for $250 which never worked.  We have received two donated machines.  One didn't come with a power cord and we have never been able to find one (they are no longer made).  The other has worked but had intermittent problems.Dr. Stephanie’s husband Andy has been able to keep it running but it is just a matter of time, and, the machine old, and  paper is hard to find, expensive,  and parts are getting more difficult to find to keep  it operational.


One time when the health center was without a working machine, Dr. Steph saw a middle aged woman with chest pain.  She had high blood pressure which also increased her risk for heart problems. She did not have insurance nor a lot of money.  However, in order to save her life and she had to be sent to the local hospital where the EKG cost her $250.


The Well Health Center’s uninsured patients pay between $20-50 for a visit. As you know this is well below what a normal Dr. visit costs and means they are below the federal poverty level.  If we do an EKG in the office, it is included in the cost of their visit.


The Dream of Dr. Steph, and the rest of The Well Health Center Staff, is to have a new machine that will last for years!  There are some models that are compatible with our electronic medical record that will be able to connect directly to it.

These models are somewhat expensive with price tags of up to $3,000. This is an important item that is just not in the budget right now, mostly due to the COVID pandemic, which has slowed regular Dr. visits to only a few per day, thus limiting our capital income.


We are asking you, as part of our global church family to pray about what the Lord might lead you to give toward this much needed tool for medical ministry in Cactus Texas.  


You can make Tax (This year %100 deductible) donations directly to:

The Well Health Center PO Box, 387

Cactus Texas, 79013  

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Deep Shalom!

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